In December 2020, I gave myself a challenge: to draw everyday, until Christmas, something related to the beloved holiday. The result? Lots of elves. 
This is one of my favorite personal projects until now and I'm really proud to see it completed. It felt like a marathon during which I learned how to better manage my time and energy, and how to tackle these kinds of challenges in the future. Towards the end, I had a few days when I thought about giving up (I had no more ideas, I was tired from client work), but my friends encouraged me to continue, so I carried on creating (yay!). The thing that struck me was that often times, the days when I "didn't feel like it", where the days that offered some of my favorite drawings. 
Enough with the talking, let me show the project!
A colorful digital illustration of a cute, cheerful, happy Christmas elf girl waving
On December 1st, we greet you!
Two colorful illustrations of cute Christmas elves, one is happy, smiling, holding a gift, and the other is smiling and holding a candy cane
On December 2 and 3, we bring a tiny gift and display our elven strength.
Digital colorful illustration of a cute, happy, cheerful elf girl carrying Christmas presents
On December 4, we're getting ready for delivering presents on Christmas Eve.
A series of three colorful illustrations, showing cute, cheerful Christmas elves
On December 5, we celebrate Saint Nicholas Eve in Romania, where I'm from. Children clean their boots and wait for Saint Nicholas (Mos Nicolae) to bring them candy and small gifts if they've been good, or a twig if they've been bad. 
On December 6, we get our tree ornaments ready, and on December 7... we just sit on a gift box. 😆
Two colorful drawings of adorable and happy Christmas elves making a snowman and preparing gifts
On December 8, we make a snowman! But the following day, we're hard at work!
A colorful digital illustration of three adorable, cute Christmas elves characters ice-skating together
December 10 is for showing off our ice-skating skills. Or lack of...
An illustration with a cute Christmas girl elf wearing a pink outfit embracing a reindeer and a drawing of a cute little polar bear
On December 11, we celebrate friendship; on December 12, a little bear showed up.
A digital illustration of a tiny blonde happy angel holding a little yellow star
On December 13, we bring some light!
A digital illustration of a sad, little girl elf sitting on a chair in a dark room with a burning candle next to her
On December 14, we feel sad and worried. *Not even elves can be happy all the time. It is, after all, 2020. Sigh...
A colorful illustration of two adorable Christmas elves sleighing in the winter
On December 15, we enjoy some winter activities!
Two digital drawings of cute Christmas elves, one is holding a cup of hot-chocolate, the other is cheerful, making snow angels
On December 16, we enjoy a cup of hot-chocolate; then, on December 17, we make snow-angels!
An illustration showing an adorable happy little girl warming up her hands and feet near a stove, with socks and mittens hung up to dry
On December 18, we warm our hands and feet! *One of my favorite drawings from the project.
Three digital colorful illustrations: one showing a little elf sleeping in his room, with books near him, another is a cute, happy Christmas elf girl carrying a birthday cake and another is a little proud boy elf dressed as a baker, with a table full of pastry and cakes besides him
On December 19, we fall asleep too easily. December 20 is for celebrating the birthdays that get ignored because they're too close to Christmas or New Year; on December 22, we show off our baking skills. 
*On December 21, I gave away a printable PDF with some coloring pages with the elves
A colorful digital illustration showing three adorable, happy little Christmas characters decorating a Christmas tree with lights and ornaments
On December 23, we decorate the Christmas tree!
A colorful digital illustration with Santa Claus and three cheerful elves, surrounded by gifts, smiling and waving
It's December 24! We wish you "Merry Christmas"!
Thank you for watching!

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