In the tech-driven world of today, many businesses operate with terms such as "data analyzing", "business strategy", "innovation", "business communication". These concepts can seem dry and difficult to express – this is where illustration steps in and translates them in a more playful and easier way to understand.
Below are some examples of my recent work, in which I try to convey the message through shapes, lines and colors.
Illustrated colorful people contributing to an idea - seen as a light bulb


Illustrated people part of a team analyzing a growth chart.

Business analysis

Illustration of three team members gathering data

Gathering data

Illustration of three people discussing business strategy around a table

Business strategy

Illustration of business women communicating via email and text .

Business communication

Illustration of five team members uniting their hands as a symbol of their bond


All these images were made for Freepik, as part of my role as illustrator on their team. 
Thanks for watching!
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